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Apocalypse Soon was produced in the week leading up to the pivotal 2018 midterm elections. A cast of six talented comic actors from Hollywood and New York set the tone poking fun at a national political situation where truth really is stranger than fiction.


The plot of Apocalypse Soon features a therapist at the Anger Management Institute who has her hands full trying to control the fury spilling out of her multiethnic, politically contentious group of patients. It depicts a President who consults with a magic mirror as he wonders which aide will betray him next; a First Lady who huffs about her husband’s dalliances; and a press secretary who tries to explain the newest outrageous plan for dealing with a porous border and an intransigent opposition. 

Apocalypse Soon is directed by award-winning, LA-based director Caitlin Hart.  Cast: Jessica Abel, Travis Dixon, Emily Goglia, Chris Lewis, Justin McEllroy, and Haddiyah Noelle Smith. Sketches and songs are written by Nicholas Zill and cast members, and musical accompaniment is provided by pianist Barbara Twigg.

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"Nick Zill did a brilliant job allowing us to laugh at ourselves as well as political figures, without being mean-spirited or gratuitous. The actors are extremely talented and have tremendous voices."

— Maura

"So many things were outstanding - your lyrics, the professionalism and powerful voices of all the performers, the choreography. I think I will never forget Melania and her hair! It was a most entertaining and relaxing evening. It offered much needed relief from the obvious tensions of votes being counted!"

— Anna

"The house was packed the night I saw the show and everyone in the audience - including me - loved it.  Wonderful skits and songs, great voices and perfect timing made this piece must-see theater."

— T.M., Washington D.C.

"Your political satire was absolutely wonderful. What a terrific way to spend election evening. We had no idea what we were signed up for. Your professional production of Apocalypse Soon was better than anything we expected. The lyrics were so right on and the actors were extremely talented."

— R.S., Arlington, VA

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