Obama Spy Drama (2014)

Obama Spy Drama, the political satire/musical comedy from City In A Swamp Productions, features CIA intrigue, a sultry seductress, and a powerful elixir – all designed to lure Edward Snowden back from his Russian hideout. The real test comes when Vladimir Putin and President Obama engage in hand-to-hand combat to determine who gets the NSA leaker. Written by Nicholas Zill, directed by Caitlin Hart.


"Satire is not dead. It’s lively and onstage... The fast-paced piece is topical and timely... It’s also a true satyr play – injecting sexual politics and athletics to tease out the naked animals lurking beneath the suit-and-tie..."​

"This is a “laugh-a-minute” political spoof... A zany story, loosely based on true current events, this show is filled with spy agency intrigue, romantic complications, the sensual effects of a lustful pheromone spray, and the shady ploys that lurk under the surface of politics."

"With quick-witted writing and a high-octane cast, OSD is the perfect nighttime outing for Angelenos in need of a comic escape."

"Along with musical parodies, the satire playing at Acme Comedy Theatre... is filled with spy agency intrigue, romantic complications and a display of international muscle."

— Mark Hein, The Chamber Pot

— The Tolucan Times


— Broadway World

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City in a Swamp is a Washington D.C.-based political satire theater company. Musical comedy mixed with beltway humor.