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Oh, Momma! & Obama

While President Obama and his high-powered advisers grapple with the Nation’s issues in the West Wing, plenty of intrigue is afoot upstairs in the Executive Mansion. Hoping to raise their Daddy’s approval ratings, his daughters take their inspiration from the Nixon Administration and draw up an Enemies List. Sparks fly when the list winds up on the editorial desk of a certain “fair and balanced” TV news network.

Obama’s mother-in-law takes things into her own hands and goes for the “nuclear option” in dealing with rogue states. Meanwhile, Michelle has a different set of enemies to destroy outside the White House windows. POTUS tries to help himself by taking a lesson in empathy from a former President who knows how to “feel your pain.” But sometimes all he can do is find respite – and a little bipartisan cooperation – with a visit in the Rose Garden from his smoking buddy House Speaker John Boehner.


Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Joe Biden, and General Petraeus add to the havoc in the White House with book signings, marksmanship lessons, and plenty of “helpful” advice for the President. The writers are Derek Jeremiah Reid, who portrays Obama in the current production; D.C-based humorist Kenneth McLeod; and Nicholas Zill, who wrote the book and lyrics for “Rock N’ Ridicule” as well as political cabarets including “Persons of Interest,” “Primary Urges,” and Some Make It Hot.” Zill has also written material for over 20 years for Hexagon, an annual charity/ political musical comedy event in Washington, D.C.


"In “spot on” impersonations, Natascha Corrigan plays an air-headed Sarah Palin, Chris Smith plays Joe Biden and General Petraeus, Robb Wolford plays Bill O’Reilly and others… and in a stand out performance, Phillip Wilburn soars as Bill Clinton, Glenn Beck and George W. Bush! A brilliant and fun loving effort by all!”

— Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times

“…this is one of the funniest political satires we’ve seen in years… may appeal more to people who lean more to the left, but if someone from the right should make their way into the theatre they will have plenty to enjoy when they see how the President is manipulated by Marian Robinson. Comedy pick of the month!”

— Jose Ruiz, Review Plays

“The political humor in Obama ranges from the sophomoric to the sophisticated, with some insightful lines worthy of George Orwell or Jonathan Swift…this merry romp…is full of wit and worthy of an off-Broadway run. Zill and company wield a wickedly funny quill dipped in an ink of irony, with which to jab the high and flighty.”

— Ed Rampel, Hollywood Progressive

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