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 Rock n’ Ridicule

The country might be flat broke 'n broken, but we have an embarrassment of riches in material for political and social satire, which this new show by Acme Comedy Theatre cleverly demonstrates. Howard Bennett and the four member Rock N' Ridicule Band are showstoppers, spinning off jazz. Blues and R&B tunes with the utmost precision, and also providing some well-timed sound effects. Nicholas Zill's book and lyrics are equally impressive, as is the nine-member cast who prove themselves remarkably versatile under Robert Otey's direction.


With few exceptions, the 24 skits are very funny, mixing song and dance routines that are humorously blended with just the right mix of physical comedy. No sacred cows here: El Presidente takes it on the chin more than a few times. "We Will Barack You" (sung to the tune of Queen's "We Will Rock You"), is a hilarious ditty performed by the entire company, while in "Barack A Bye Baby," 


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The cast:
Derek Reid as Barack Obama
Chris Smith as Rahm Emanuel
Natascha Corrigan as Sarah Palin
Louie Sadd as George W. Bush
Featuring Courtney DeCoskey, Bryan Chadima, Corinne DeVries, Robb Wolford, and Mike Baron.

The band:
Gene Black, guitarist
Chuck Wright, bassist 
Skip Edwards, keyboardist 
Jerry Sommers, drummer 

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